Systems of disguise and immitacii of tank troops

О.В. Stakhovskiy, G.V. Ermakov, V.P. Babenko
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Description: The analysis of the systems of disguise and imitation, which are used tank troops, is carried out. The basic types of disguise facilities are considered: coverages, nets, paints, suds, aerosols. It is marked that for the most effective disguise it is expedient to utillize combination of different types of the systems of disguise.

Keywords: disguise facilities, radio-location noticeableness, imitation, infra-red, optical, radio-location range, armoured technique

 Stakhovskyi, O.V., Yermakov, H.V. and Babenko, V.P. (2014), “Systemy maskuvannia ta imitatsii tankovykh viisk”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(40), pp. 28-31.