Analysis of life cycle of design of space objects

А.L. Berdnikova, Yu.S. Manzhos
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А life-cycle of space objects simulation have been illustrated. The probabilistic model of transitions was constructed. The system of Kolmogorov equations defining the flow state lifecycle model probabilities was proposed. The duration of iterations and probability of defects for each phase of lifecycle for real space elaboration was investigated. The numerical solution for life cycle for different source data was investigated. The methods for risk reduction was proposed.
Keywords: complex system, life cycle, Kolmogorov equation, probability, verification
Berdnikova, A.L. and Manzhos, Yu.S. (2014), "Analizuvannia zhyttievoho tsyklu modeliuvannia kosmichnykh obiektiv" , Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(40), pp. 93-101.