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  5. Spectral analysis of higher harmonics in the "straighteners - inverter"

Spectral analysis of higher harmonics in the "straighteners - inverter"

Yu.S. Oliynik
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Considered higher harmonics in the "rectifier-inverter", whose appearance has a negative impact on the quality of electricity. Analysis study modes VG contains the following main issues: rationing regimes, regulation of relations between users and network equipment measurement modes analysis for measurements, study the properties modes loads and network modeling and calculation, normalization modes, effects on electrical equipment. In modern times increasingly diverse organizations conduct research of power structures. In plants contains a large amount of computer equipment that contains higher harmonics. Proliferation of computer technology creates a problem for scientists that need to be addressed. Calculation of asymmetric and non-sinusoidal modes is important. Vista impor these calculations and research driven by the need to ensure the quality of electricity not only in the operation of EPS, but in its design.
Keywords: harmonics, power system reliability, quality electricity system " rectifier-inverter" harmonic components