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  4. 1(126)'2015
  5. Aeropictures decoding method based of sign’s space

Aeropictures decoding method based of sign’s space

O.I. Tymochko, S.A. Olizarenko, O.Y. Lavrov
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Aeropictures decoding method, providing processing of ambiguous, incomplete, contradictory data and knowledges, is formulated. Basis of method is made by two- or three-stage decoding of aeropictures. In the beginning signs are recognized, after – elements of object, then – an object. Signs, in a most degree influencing on the process of decoding, are certain. Classification of signs is entered – direct and indirect, asserting and refuting, looked after and unlooked after. Entered in consideration of area of tolerance of – certain (uncertain) possibility (impossibility). The eight-value scale of estimation is certain.
Keywords: decoding, sign, element of object of decoding, object of decoding, eight-value scale of estimation, vagueness, knowledge