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Theoretical research of high-frequency gipertermia

I.V. Oleynik, L.A. Pospelov, O.I. Solov'eva
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Description: The new mathematical vehicle of theory of the high-frequency fields, radiated Strip aerial, ceramics with grit inductivity goaded electric is expounded. Offered scope terms for tension of the electric field on the border of ceramics and strongly dissipative environment, imitating the body of patient. Electromagnetic waves, spreading in the body of patient, are investigational, after passing by them ceramics.

Keywords: electromagnetic field, poles-applicators, inductivity, optimized algorithm, adaptation

Oleinik, I.V., Pospelov, L.A. and Soloveva, O.I. (2015), “Teoreticheskoe issledovanie vysokochastotnoi gipertermii” [Theoretical research of high-frequency gipertermia], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(126), pp. 166-173.