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  5. Epistemological roots of "crisis" in modern metrology in the former soviet union

Epistemological roots of "crisis" in modern metrology in the former soviet union

V.P. Chaliy, S.F. Chaliy
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Description: The problem of measuring is a complex, multifaceted and dialectically contradictory process of quantitative knowledge of the surrounding world, considered in historical - philosophical terms against the post-Soviet countries background of the subject-object relations. It is shown that the crisis in modern metrology that exists in the post-Soviet countries, has epistemological roots and is not only instrumental unit scientific method of knowledge, but also affect the ideological setting and regulatory and methodological principles This may explain the categorical rejection of the new approach to measuring - the concept of uncertainty (or concept GUM) metrologists some countries, brought up on the philosophy of the Soviet model. GUM concept is actually a new paradigm metrology; it is fully implemented in practice in the West. The crisis, as during the formation and realization of a new paradigm of metrology in the post – Soviet continues is continues.

Keywords: measurement, metrology, concept of uncertainty, philosophy, epistemology, true meaning, concept, term

 Chalyi, V.P. and Chalyi, S.F. (2015), “Hnoseolohichni koreni «kryzy» v suchasnii metrolohii na postradianskomu prostori” [Epistemological roots of "crisis" in modern metrology in the former Soviet Union], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(127), pp. 13-16.