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  4. 2(127)'2015
  5. Measurement uncertainty evaluation of power quality

Measurement uncertainty evaluation of power quality

N.M. Pindus, T.Z. Marchuk
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Description: In the article the analytical study of uncertainties channel components for power quality measurement, which is part of Infusion monitoring and control of power quality. The recorded maximum allowable value that standardized indicators of power quality. The change values metrological characteristics caused by changes in the influential variables and their valuation symmetric setting limits allowable basic relative error values. Compiled budget uncertainties quality control system pokaznakiv electricity.

Keywords: uncertainty budget control system, and the quality of electricity distribution law

 Pindus, N.M. and Marchuk, T.Z. (2015), “Otsinka nevyznachenosti vymiriuvannia pokaznykiv yakosti elektroenerhii” [Measurement uncertainty evaluation of power quality], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(127), pp. 89-91.