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  4. 5(54)'2006
  5. Digital realization of multi-pole coordinated filter

Digital realization of multi-pole coordinated filter

N. Niculin, S. Galushka
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It is offered at processing signals of transfer of discrete messages with the help of the digital coordinated filters the decision on transfer r-variant of a signal to accept on N-extract, that will lead to an opportunity to exclude calculation of extracts, previous given and it is essential to reduce number of operations of the arithmetic device of the filter, to lower requirements on speed to its element base.
Nykulyn, S.B. and Halushka, S.H. (2006), "Tsyfrovaia realyzatsyia mnohopoliusnoho sohlasovannoho fyltra" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(54), pp. 85-88.