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  4. 7(56)'2006
  5. Uncertainty of the state voltage unit standards

Uncertainty of the state voltage unit standards

V. Коpshyn, V. Кіkalo, U. Darmenko, R. Vendichanskiy
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Description: Here are laid down algorithms for determination of the uncertainty parameters of three state voltage unit standards and their quantitative characteristics. There has been given an assessment of equivalence between state standards and national standards of other countries in accordance with international comparisons.

 Kopshyn, V.V., Kykalo, V.N., Darmenko, Yu.P. and Vendychanskyi, R.V. (2006), “Neopredelennost hosudarstvennыkh эtalonov edynytsы napriazhenyia”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(56), pp. 40-42.