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  3. Information Processing Systems
  4. 8(57)'2006
  5. Obfuscation algorithmic structures

Obfuscation algorithmic structures

I. Chumachenko, E. Malofeev, E. Shevzov
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Description: The methods of the obfuscation (tangling) programs are considered. For the increase of protected of the programs obfuscation is offered to conduct on the early stages of creation of software product – on the stage of development of the algorithmic providing. Method the use of dynamic algorithmic transformers underlaids.

Chumachenko, I.V., Malafeev, E.E. and Shevtsov, E.L. (2006), “Obfuskatsiia algoritmicheskikh struktur”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(57), pp. 87-89.