The specialized measure-informative transformer

J. Makal, A. Nazarkiewicz
Системи обробки інформації. — 2007. — № 7(65). – С. 137-139.
УДК 615.8
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Анотація: In this paper the simple model of measure-informative transformer is presented. It is destinated to discriminating of two causes of symptoms in low urinary tracts: benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer (PC). The inputs of this transformer are results of physical investigations (laboratory investigations, measurements of pressures, flow, etc.) as well as information about patient in digital form (subordinated suitable numerical scales). Outputs are described in the form of studied symptoms. Probability of occurrence of given cause is the result of processing.

Інформація про авторів публікації:
Makal, J. and Nazarkiewicz, A. (2007), The specialized measure-informative transformer, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(65), pp. 137-139.