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  4. 3(70)'2008
  5. Design as method of dynamic researches

Design as method of dynamic researches

O.Y. Egorova, E.N. Bondarenko
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Description: The structure of design, methods of empiric research, is considered in the article, possibility of the use of calculable machines at the design is taken into account. possibilities of imitation design at research of lighting options are analysed. The aims of design at researches of the dynamic systems are formulated. Possibility of the effective use of design at forming of professional knowledges is assumed.

Keywords: mathematical design, imitation design, methods of design, model of the dynamic systems

 Ehorova, O.Yu. and Bondarenko, E.N. (2008), “Modelyrovanye kak metod dynamycheskykh yssledovanyi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(70), pp. 49-51.