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  4. 3(70)'2008
  5. Control and management placing of objects

Control and management placing of objects

A.N. Klimenko, D.V. Borisenko
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Description: In the article the questions of realization and application of new technology of Adobe AIR are considered in organization of account and reflection of cars on a stand. The use of mechanism of Flash, which is built-in on Wednesday AIR, enables to create comfortable, informing and flexible interfaces for appendixes, that would be difficult at writing of such appendixes in language of C++. A programmatic interface is realized as a one-window application program which contains custom for implementation of direct commands of management controls and placing.

Keywords: placing of objects, control, Flash, technologies of Adobe AIR

 Klymenko, A.N. and Borysenko, D.V. (2008), “Kontrol y upravlenye razmeshchenyem obъektov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(70), pp. 57-60.