Parameters of wind

Yu.A. Oleynik, V.A. Borodavka, V.V. Loqinov, D.V. Dyacshenko
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Description: The Known that casual vector to velocities winds is characterized many value, which characterize the position of the vector to velocities winds in space. So appear in-ask, what features winds necessary to take into account and what feature winds possible neglects at estimation winds loads. For this advisable have at the disposal all known-ranks, which characterize the wind. These features necessary to systematize according to their physical and mathematical characteristic. In article is organized begin systematizations of the values, which characterizes action winds on systems, which are used in atmosphere of the Land.

Keywords: the mechanical values, random quantities, numeric features, probability of the arising the parameter

 Oliinyk, Yu.A., Diachenko, D.V., Borodavka, V.A. and Lohinov, V.V. (2008), “Kharakterystyky vitru”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(70), pp. 111-113.