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  4. 4(71)'2008
  5. Uncertainties when resulting distribution regarded as normal one

Uncertainties when resulting distribution regarded as normal one

Volodarskiy E.Т., Karpenko A.V.
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Description: This article regards errors appearing during finding extended uncertainty of B type in case of not satisfaction of conditions of central limit theorem and when combining of uncertainties is based on assumption that a resulting distribution has a normal law. Got results to the not противоречат tendencies, to mentioned in Guidance, and give the quantitative estimate of possible errors as a result of substituting of the real resulting distributing by normal. The resulted values allow on the basis of requirements to exactness of measuring result to make decision about possibility of application of more simple method of uniting three making errors on the basis of normal distribution or to pass to more difficult and exact methods, taking into account the real laws of distributing component.

Keywords: extended uncertainty, combining of uncertainties, limitations of central limit theorem

 Volodarskyi, E.T. and Karpenko, A.N. (2008), “Neopredelennosty pry zamene rezultyruiushcheho raspredelenyia normalnыm”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(71), pp. 27-29.