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  4. 4(71)'2008
  5. Numerical methods in uncertainty calculation

Numerical methods in uncertainty calculation

Novikov V.V.
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Description: The classic method of calculation of vagueness of measurings (method of ISO GUM) implies some substantial simplifications and assumptions which have to be entered, what a risk of the improperly calculated estimation of measuring vagueness can be from. As it is suggested to use the variant of decision of task only numeral methods of evaluation of uncertainty of measurings which will allow to avoid similar risks and subjective estimations of distributing laws.

Keywords: measuring uncertainty, method of Monte Carlo, numeral methods

 Novykov, V.V. (2008), “Chyslennыe metodы v vыchyslenyy neopredelennosty”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(71), pp. 126-128.