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  3. Information Processing Systems
  4. 5(72)'2008
  5. Modeling of tracing processes in multiservice networks

Modeling of tracing processes in multiservice networks

A.A. Bolubash, D.E. Dvukhglavov, Y.Y. Zavizistup, V.A. Zhilin
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Description: The mathematical model of a multiservice network tracer, which takes into account dynamics of its characteristics during distribution of information flows and allows to lead modeling process of routing, is developed. The analysis of the characteristics of tracing devices is spent: the characteristics of service (processors) and characteristics of expectation of service (buffer). The analytical expressions for their account are offered. They are based on the analysis of information flows of multiservice networks.

Keywords: routing given, characteristic of service, characteristic of expectation of service

 Boliubash, O.O., Dvukhhlavov, D.E., Zavyzystup, Yu.Yu. and Zhylin, V.A. (2008), “Modeliuvannia protsesiv marshrutyzatsii v multyservisnykh merezhakh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(72), pp. 34-37.