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  4. 5(72)'2008
  5. Multiresolution image segmentation

Multiresolution image segmentation

I.V. Ruban, K.S. Smelyakov, A.S. Smelyakova
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Description: One of the most important problems of modern image recognition theory consists in increase of time efficiency of object detection algorithms for images of increased sizes. For solving this problem two methods are proposed for construction of image pyramid and multiresolution image segmentation for effective detection of small sized images with the aim to obtain their localization domain.

Keywords: multiresolution analysis, localization, segmentation

 Ruban, Y.V., Smeliakov, K.S. and Smeliakova, A.S. (2008), “Kratnomasshtabnaia sehmentatsyia yzobrazhenyi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(72), pp. 107-110.