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  4. 5(72)'2008
  5. Module adaptive stochastic processes control system

Module adaptive stochastic processes control system

S.G. Udovenko, V.I. Perepelitsa
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Description: Module principle of synthesis of the adaptive stochastic processes control systems is considered on the basis of bayesian approach. The offered structure of the multidimensional control system contains the modules of choice of order of model, evaluation of parameters of model, choice of strategy of management, prognostication of management quality.

Keywords: bayesian evaluation, modular system, adaptive regulator, strategy of management

 Udovenko, S.H. and Perepelytsa, V.Y. (2008), “Modulnaia systema adaptyvnoho upravlenyia stokhastycheskymy protsessamy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(72), pp. 123-127.