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About some splaines, related to the atomic functions

G.O. Starets, I.I. Sidorenko
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Description: As is generally known, splines are functions of lump polynomials. A theory of splines is in relation to new and very intensively developed in the last decades. Such personal interest to the splines is conditioned, as appeared, splines have a set of properties, which provides their very comfortable and effective application in calculable methods and, the same, gives possibility of their wide and effective use in the practical problems of any branches of science and engineerings questions.

Keywords: finitary, endless differentiability, atomic function, spline

 Starets, H.O. and Sydorenko, I.I. (2008), “Pro deiaki splainy, poviazani z atomarnymy funktsiiamy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(72), pp. 160-162.