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  4. 5(72)'2008
  5. Problems and methods of analysis of pesticides

Problems and methods of analysis of pesticides

Т.А. Zhadan, O.A. Shevtsova, A.V. Gaynutdinov
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Description: This work devoted to the problem of monitoring of pesticides in the objects of environment. The physical, chemical and biological methods of analysis are examined. Analytical information is summarized, and also dignities and lacks of every method are indicated. The most perspective methods of monitoring of pesticides are analysed, namely: gas-liquid sorptography, thin -layer sorptography), іmmunеferment analysis. The most interesting methods of analysis are also resulted. Estimation of possibilities of different methods is given in the article, including biological, and the most perspective from them are recommended for the use by services of mass control of pesticides.

Keywords: monitoring of pesticides, gas-liquid sorptography, thin-layer sorptography, іmmunе-ferment analysis, touchcontrol, solid-phase extraction, phytotoxicity, bioindication

 Zhadan, T.A., Shevtsova, O.A. and Hainutdynov, A.V. (2008), “Problemы y metodы analyza pestytsydov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(72), pp. 163-166.

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