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  3. Information Processing Systems
  4. 6(73)'2008
  5. Efficiency analysis of existing software synthеsis technologies

Efficiency analysis of existing software synthеsis technologies

M.N. Kravtsov
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Description: Existing software synthesis technologies, peculiarities of their implementations, their influence on software development process have been reviewed. Quantitative measure of their efficiency, within particular software development project, has been offered. It takes into account multi-layered software architecture and layer-wise workload distribution. The research is performed to identify potential improvements in existing software synthesis and also to develop newer, more efficient technologies.

Keywords: software development, code generation, introspection, pattern, database, web-application, metadata

 Kravtsov, M.N. (2008), “Analyz эffektyvnosty prymenenyia sushchestvuiushchykh tekhnolohyi synteza prohrammnoho obespechenyia”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(73), pp. 69-73.