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  5. Wind force effect on missile deviation from target point

Wind force effect on missile deviation from target point

Yu.A. Oleynik, Ya.M. Kozhushko, Al.S. Balabukha
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Description: It’s necessary to take into consideration the missile deviation from target point caused wind force during missile launching of the "land-land" system. It’s necessary to follow the mathematical model of wind effect on missile for change or correcting of guidance parameters and rocket flight. The physical and mathematical models of missile deviation under wind force effect on base of existing data about process of rocket flight "land-land" and description of speed wind and force in Earth atmosphere are considered physical model. Its the simplifies mathematical model

Keywords: missile deviation, missile acceleration, lateral wind force, winds speed

 Oleinyk, Yu.A., Kozhushko, Ya.M. and Balabukha, A.S. (2009), “Vlyianye sylы vetra na otklonenye raketы ot tochky tsely”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(75), pp. 85-87.