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  4. 2(76)'2009
  5. Estimation of quality of telecommunication network

Estimation of quality of telecommunication network

S.N. Zviglyanich, N.P. Izumsky, M.G. Shokin
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Description: The modern automated control of the military setting systems are an aggregate of points of management of different levels of hierarchy, united in single whole the telecommunication network of exchange by information, which, as a backbone element, in a great deal determines possibilities of the automated system on the whole. In the article approach is examined to the estimation of quality of functioning of telecommunication network, the concept of threshold of the possible lowering of quality of its functioning is entered on leaving from the line-up of communication channels between the points of management.

Keywords: management point, quality, telecommunication network, bar of admission

 Zvyhlianych, S.N., Yziumskyi, N.P. and Shokyn, M.H. (2009), “Otsenka kachestva telekommunykatsyonnoi sety”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(76), pp. 48-50.