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  4. 2(76)'2009
  5. Silver biosorption processes forecast

Silver biosorption processes forecast

О.A.Kryvodubskiy, А.О. Novakovskaya
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Description: In this article are considered features of the silver biosorption process from the secondary liquids. Physical and chemical features of this process are described, limitations and assumptions to the process are formulated. It is developed mathematical model of the process, that is realized as a system of the ordinary differential equations, nonlinear concerning to variables and parameters. Using of this model allows solving problems of the process kinetics forecasts and the problems of real-time control. This article would be interesting for developers of control systems of the row materials recycling.

Keywords: sorbent, biosorption, column, anion, cation, decomposition, dynamic model

 Kryvodubskyi, O.A. and Novakovskaia, A.O. (2009), “Prohnozyrovanye protsessov byosorbtsyy serebra”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(76), pp. 113-117.