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  5. Quality, as main factor of overcoming a crisis

Quality, as main factor of overcoming a crisis

L.M. Vitkin, G.I. Khimicheva, A.S. Zenkin
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Description: Questions are considered in relation to providing of quality of products in the conditions of development international trade and family by her types of activity, which are the main factor of overcoming a crisis. It is marked that Ukraine considerably falls behind after the amount of the inculcated and certificated control quality systems, ecological control and other modern control systems systems. Seen expedient to adopt new conception of public policy in the field of quality. There is an urgent necessity in conducting of actions of producers in relation to distribution of front-rank experience of introduction of the modern control systems. Bringing in of international technical help would profit for conducting of the proper measures.

Keywords: quality, control quality system, ecological control system, certification

 Vitkin, L.M., Khimicheva, H.I. and Zenkin, A.S. (2009), “Yakist, yak holovnyi faktor podolannia kryzy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(76), pp. 148-156.