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  4. 3(77)'2009
  5. Modeling of acoustic effects in dynamic conditions

Modeling of acoustic effects in dynamic conditions

Yu.S. Kurskoy
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Description: The results of computer design of reflection of flat acoustic wave are resulted from the moving boundary of section of two environments. It is confirmed that over motion of border brings to deviation of corner of reflection from того which answers the classic law of Snelius. It is shown that the real frequencies of the reflected waves differ от those which are given by classic expression for the effect of Doppler, not taking into account an angular change. The got results of computer design fully coincided with the expected values of parameters which were preliminary expected.

Keywords: reflection of acoustic waves, change of corner of reflection, generalized expression for the law of Snelius

 Kurskyi, Yu.S. (2009), “Modeliuvannia akustychnykh efektiv u dynamichnykh umovakh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(77), pp. 44-46.