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  5. About the simplest pomponents of moving object scattering

About the simplest pomponents of moving object scattering

V.M. Orlenko, P.V. Poteleschenko, Y.D. Shirman
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Description: Electrodynamics of the moving simplest components (SC) is significantly simpler than electrodynamics of moving complex shape objects. Transition to the former provides simulation of complicated air picture in real time scale using modern computer [1, 2]. However, the models in [1, 2] are designed mainly for the objects with fully metal skin. But, the objects with frame parts made of dielectric [3,4]. One of such planes is Cessna, which landed in Moscow at Red Square in 1987. Another is new F-22 fighter airplane, which frame by 24% is composed by composites [3]. Paper is aimed at drawing attention of scientists to the necessity of studying the simplest component scattering depending on their structure and incident wave polarization. The correspondence of the simplest component models to those of asymptotical diffraction theory (ADT) are explained in more details than before for the flat scatterers.

Keywords: electrodynamic simulation, backscattering, asymptotical diffraction theory, Fresnel's method, simplest component method

 Orlenko, V.M., Poteleshchenko, P.V. and Shyrman, Ya.D. (2009), “O prosteishykh komponentakh obratnoho vtorychnoho yzluchenyia dvyzhushchykhsia obъektov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(77), pp. 63-69.