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  4. 3(77)'2009
  5. Design of radiation of fractal signal thin linear vibrator

Design of radiation of fractal signal thin linear vibrator

Yu.M. Penkin, L.Yu. Belogortseva, V.I. Holodov
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Description: Ability to form fractal by time signal as a bundle of harmonic oscillation,s, which is a fragment of number series of generalized Weierstrass functions is analyzed in the paper. At the use of the offered model of fractal signal as an excitant signal the basic features of radiation of thin linear vibrator are first explored in a distant area. It is shown that for direction / 2θ = π minimum distortions of form of signal are observed at the choice of length of vibrator emitter, proper length of the adjusted vibrator on frequency of basic long-wave oscillation.

Keywords: fractal signal, generalized Weierstrass functions, radiation, linear dipole antenna

 Penkyn, Yu.M., Belohortseva, L.Yu. and Kholodov, V.Y. (2009), “Modelyrovanye yzluchenyia fraktalnoho syhnala tonkym lyneinыm vybratorom”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(77), pp. 70-74.