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  4. 4(78)'2009
  5. Data clustering using artificial immune systems

Data clustering using artificial immune systems

N.M. Korablev, A.A. Fomichov
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The given work is devoted to the designing of the data clustering algorithm based on artificial immune system approach. It proposed to use priority sequential cloning with competitive targeting cloning selection and some selection and clustering crite-ria for resolve clustering problem. Those methods proposed in this work at first. By the experiment way it was detected, that us-ing of this methods makes faster speed of antigens sampling remaking and clustering process
Keywords: affinity, antibodies selection criterion, priority sequential cloning, competitive targeting cloning selection, additional dispersion, searching space growth criterion
Korablёv, N.M. and Fomychёv, A.A. (2009), "Klasteryzatsyia dannыkh na osnove yskusstvennыkh ymmunnыkh system" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(78), pp. 77-81.