Core of the digital underground

 R. Brumnik, Vršec Miran, Podbregar Iztok
Системи обробки інформації. — 2009. — № 7(81). С. 2-6.
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Annotation: Purpose – With this research we will find out relation between worldwide countries which have been updated Convention on Cyber crime (Cyber Crime Laws and Terrorism Acts) up to y.2006, and Cyber attacks done up to y.2006. The primary research questions is; What is Cyber attacks impacts on Countries with Cyber Crime Laws and Terrorism Acts updated, comparative to Countries which not update Cyber Crime Laws and Terrorism Acts. Are Countries with updated Laws and Acts considerable less exposure to attacks, from Countries witch haven’t Laws and Acts updated? Design/Methodology/Approach – A mixed research method approach was used. Findings – Research results shown on decreasing index (percent) of Cyber attacks in U.S. of America which have updating Cyber Crime Law and Terrorism Acts in years 2000. Research limitations/Implications – In this comparison research we based on pre-research data’s. Responders from second part of research (attack impact from y.2000 to y.2006) were from close base of U.S.-based members of the Computer Security Institute (CSI), information security professionals. Research conclusions in this paper are summarizing from one country U.S. of America. Practical Implications – In article we examine how activists, hacktivists, and Cyber terrorists use the Information Technologies and what impacts they have been to exert on government and nongovernmental, Information Security Law. Article describes modern Cyber attacks, Netwar techniques, and offer worldwide overview methods of modern Warfare. Originality Value – The techniques that have been developing to disrupt the “Cybercriminal” are now being implementing in the “War on Terrorism”. This has greatly increased the burden on, and risks for, all in the government and commercial sector, together with their professional advisers. Paper type: Survey Paper.

Keywords: Computer Systems Disrupting, Cybercrime, Botnets
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Brumnik, R., Vršec Miran, Podbregar Iztok, (2009), Core of the digital underground, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(81), pp. 2-6.