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  4. 7(81)'2009
  5. Semantic integration of incomplete and imperfect data

Semantic integration of incomplete and imperfect data

A.Y. Berko, V.A. Vysotska
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Description: In work are considered main problems to semantic integration heterogeneous given at presence in them incomplete or inexact data. Offered using ontology for categorization and interpreting the varied types of the uncertainties. Using ontology allows to compensate the contents being absent or inexact importances in integrated set.

Keywords: integration data, syntax, structure, semantics data, uncertainty, Null, ontology, categorization, interpretation

 Berko, A.Yu. and Vysotska, V.A. (2009), “Semantychna intehratsiia nepovnykh ta netochnykh danykh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(81), pp. 93-97.