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  5. Custom application replication implementation

Custom application replication implementation

Ye.V. Ivohin, K.E. Yushtin, V.S. Arhipov
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Description: In work are considered main modern mechanisms to realization of the homogeneous models replication leading producer DBMS. On their base are offered principles of the making the own decisions for heterogenous replication. Cite an instance tech-nical realization in the event of use of technologies .NET Framework.

Keywords: репликация picture, replication merging, transaction replication

 Yvokhyn, E.V., Yushtyn, K.Э. and Arkhypov, V.S. (2009), “Sozdanye mekhanyzmov replykatsyy na osnove storonnykh prylozhenyi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 7(81), pp. 107-114.