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  4. 1(82)'2010
  5. Dynamic chaos in telecommunications systems

Dynamic chaos in telecommunications systems

K.S. Vasiuta, A.V. Chechuj, N.A. Gluschenco
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Description: Principles of construction of the informative systems which use shyrokopolosnye processes for the information transfer are inprocess analysed. Advantages of such systems are illustrated before existing. The analysis of advantages of chaotic processes is conducted at the information and principles of construction of the telecommunications systems which use chaotic processes transfer. The of principles differences of chaotic processes are rotined by comparison to casual (stochastic) processes. The variants of practical realization of process of information transfer are illustrated on the chaotic bearing in a communication network.

Keywords: dynamic chaos, informative systems

 Vasiuta, K.S., Chechui, O.V. and Hlushchenko, M.O. (2010), “Dynamichnyi khaos v telekomunikatsiinykh systemakh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(82), pp. 13-16.