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  5. Information system look group and her fight efficiency

Information system look group and her fight efficiency

J.F. Kucherenko
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Description: Is considered to some especially function information system military fixing, especially theirs application. To let us definition terms „information system military fixing„ and „fight efficiency look group armed force„. To define, the integrations different information system look group on the automations control systems look group and theirs complex application modern fight exert influence in all structure fighting efficiency.

Keywords: information, battle actions, informative war, system, informative system, battle possibilities, military efficiency, management organs, subsection, interspecific groupment

 Kucherenko, Yu.F. (2010), “Informatsiini systemy mizhvydovoho uhrupovannia i yoho boiezdatnist”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(82), pp. 72-74.