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  4. 1(82)'2010
  5. Neuro-surgical complex for removal of cranial defects

Neuro-surgical complex for removal of cranial defects

Е.О. Shamraeva, А.А. Shamraev
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Description: The flow diagram of neuro-surgical complex is developed. It intended for the input data obtaining, it treatment and making of implant material copy. The basic medical-technical specification are developed to this complex. The results job of neuro-surgical complex job are illustrated on the example of making of cranial implants material copies on tomography and X-ray data base.

Keywords: neuro-surgical complex, tomogram, sciagrams, cranial implant

Shamraeva, E.O. and Shamraev, A.A. (2010), “Neirokhirurgicheskii kompleks dlia ustraneniia posttravmaticheskikh defektov cherepa”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(82), pp. 204-208.