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  5. Analysis of ways of development of bioеnergetic

Analysis of ways of development of bioеnergetic

I.V. Panteleeva, S.A. Cozyopa
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Description: The basic aspects of development of modern energy are considered, in the case of the use of untraditional types of fuel, which in energy did not find wide application, though and there is in an enough high calorific position. To such kinds the fuels belong: biomasa, biogaz; wastes of silscogospodarchih and redoing enterprises, forestries. In work are analysed: the state of bioэnergetici of some countries, advantages and lacks of power plants which use a biotoplivo for the receipt of electric energy

Keywords: energy sources, biogaz, biomasa, electric station, bioэnergetica, turbogenerator

 Panteleeva, Y.V. and Koziupa, S.A. (2010), “Analyz putei razvytyia byoэnerhetyky”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(82), pp. 223-225.