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  4. 2(83)'2010
  5. Analysis of ways to organize a dictionary

Analysis of ways to organize a dictionary

N.A. Valenda, O.V. Kalynychenko, A.V. Salamah, S.V. Jaworski
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Description: The article is devoted the analysis of methods of organization of dictionaries of large volume, which are basis of work of the machine translation and treatment of human language systems. A comparison of efficiency of algorithms of access is made to the elements of dictionary and search of words with errors for the different ways of organization of dictionary. The structures of data are examined for realization of dictionary on the basis of the loaded trees.

Keywords: dictionary, asymptotic estimation, hash-tables, binary trees, loaded trees, vector of transitions, list of transitions

 Valenda, N.A., Kalynychenko, O.V., Salamakha, A.V. and Yavorskyi, S.V. (2010), “Analyz sposobov orhanyzatsyy slovaria slovoform”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(83), pp. 37-43.