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  4. 2(83)'2010
  5. Machine-independent program code optimization

Machine-independent program code optimization

S.J. Gavrilenko, А.D. Drach
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Description: Just-in-time (JIT) compilers are reviewed. They are applied for compiling an interpreted code, that is unknown ahead of execution time, in a binary code. Tendencies of JIT development in a field of interpreted languages are analyzed. Optimization of a compiled code based on trace tree structures is offered. A choice of the LLVM technology for machine codes dumping is grounded. Performance of optimization methods is analyzed.

Keywords: dynamic just-in-time (JIT) compiler, byte code, trees tracy, control-flow graphs

 Havrylenko, S.Yu. and Drach, A.D. (2010), “Dynamycheskaia heneratsyia koda s yspolzovanyem derevev trass ”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(83), pp. 62-65.