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  4. 3(84)'2010
  5. Control content systems and safety of web-sites

Control content systems and safety of web-sites

O.F. Lanovoy, I.V. Kobzev, S.V. Kalyakin
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Description: Examined system requirement management content from point of safety and unauthorized division to the Web-sites which are created by such systems. The task of creation of the maximally protected control system stands today especially sharply. The platforms of development and architecture of the modern control content systems, their failings and features, are described from point of safety, and also conception of the protected control maintenance of Web-site system is offered

Keywords: Web-site, control content (CMS) system, safety, platform, attack

 Lanovyi, O.F., Kobzev, I.V. and Kaliakin, S.V. (2010), “Systemy upravlinnia kontentom i bezpeka WEB-saitiv”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(84), pp. 38-41.

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