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  4. 3(84)'2010
  5. Methods of defence of programmatic code

Methods of defence of programmatic code

A.S. Petrov, A.A. Petrov
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Description: The questions of construction of the system of defence of programmatic code are considered. The methods of violation of integrity of executable programmatic code and methods of their removal are described. Application of technology of virtual machines is considered in the context of defence of executable code от an analysis. The ground of application of virtual machine is given as an optimum method of counteraction the analysis of executable code.

Keywords: programmatic code, defence of executable code, virtual machine, interpretation, disassembling

 Petrov, A.S. and Petrov, A.A. (2010), “Metodы zashchytы prohrammnoho koda”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(84), pp. 68-71.