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  4. 4(85)'2010
  5. Characteristic of small samples circular measurement

Characteristic of small samples circular measurement

Y.V. Kuts, L.M. Scherbak, S.V. Shengur
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Description: Expanded uncertainty and confidence interval are the main kind of measurement results error representations. An article develops the confidence interval modeling in circular data analyzing task using method which is called “The Bootstrap method”.The confidence interval obtaining algorithm and computer simulation results set in. Got results were analyzed in comparison with obtained by classical method, conformity estimates set in.

Keywords: expanded uncertainty, Bootstrap, confidence interval, circular data, statistical data processing, small samples

 Kuts, Yu.V., Shenhur, S.V. and Shcherbak, L.M. (2010), “Kharakterystyka kutovykh vymiriuvan pry statystykakh maloho obsiahu”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(85), pp. 92-95.