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  4. 4(85)'2010
  5. Calibration method of coating thickness standards

Calibration method of coating thickness standards

R.A. Laaneots, J.R. Riim
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Description: The paper describes a new method regarding calibrating the coating thickness standards, which is based on the groping of the surface of thickness standards. The croping results enable to calculate the functions of the surfaces that are not covered and thereafter calculate the assumed profile and the functions of surface under the coating. Coating thickness is determined as a distance between the profile of a surface of the coating and the assumed profile under the coating.

Keywords: coating thickness, coating thickness standard, calibration, calibration result, uncertainty of measurement

 Laaneots, R.A. and Ryym, Yu.R. (2010), “Metod kalybrovky эtalonov tolshchynы pokrыtyia”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(85), pp. 95-100.