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  4. 5(86)'2010
  5. Methodology of expediting access to confidential information resources

Methodology of expediting access to confidential information resources

I.V. Mironets, V.N. Rudnitsky, V.G. Babenko
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This article is devoted to solving а problem of o-line access to confidential information resources. One of the most effective solution of this problem is using specialized logic functions that provide information processing efficiency and improve a security and cryptographic of information processing systems. According to the proposed approach the development principles, methods and algorithms of synthesis of specialized logic functions sets suitable for cryptographic transformation of data is based on the provisions of the theory of logic, cryptography, computer simulation and mathematical apparatus of information theory, number systems, methods of discrete mathematics.
Keywords: confidential information resources, online access, cryptography, cryptosystem, information security, function transcode, specialized logic functions
Myronets, I.V., Rudnytskyi, V.M. and Babenko, V.H. (2010), "Metodolohiia pidvyshchennia operatyvnosti dostupu do konfidentsiinykh informatsiinykh resursiv" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(86), pp. 15-19.