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  4. 5(86)'2010
  5. Algebraic construction of convolutional codes

Algebraic construction of convolutional codes

I.E. Kuzhel'
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Algebraic convolutional codes, built through generalization of unbinary codes of blocks of groups in case of semiendless code word capacity, are examined. The new method of their description is offered through unzero components of spectral constituents. The offered method allows effectively to hide the rule of the convolutional encoding at the construction of code-system of codes. Examples of construction of algebraic convolutional codes are made with the use of new method of their description.
Keywords: convolutional codes, rule of encoding, originative matrix, originative a polynomial, unzero components of spectral constituents
Kuzhel, Y.E. (2010), "Alhebraycheskoe postroenye svertochnыkh kodov" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(86), pp. 165-169.