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  4. 5(86)'2010
  5. Model of forming of positive image of company

Model of forming of positive image of company

O.A. Kozelkov, А.А. Podorognyak, Т.А. Pinchuk
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It is rotined in the article, that the improvement of image of company provides the competitiveness of enterprise and promotes his cost. The model of forming of positive image of company is offered authors allows depending on a dynamics the changes of purpose of enterprise in short spaces to define optimum strategy of choice of mean of computer-integrated marketings communications, that, in same queue, results in aspiration to get a maximal income from the sales of products of enterprise for even other terms.
Keywords: computer-integrated marketings communications, optimization, positive image of company
Kozelkov, O.A., Podorozhniak, A.A. and Pynchuk, T.A. (2010), "Model formyrovanyia polozhytelnoho ymydzha kompanyy" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(86), pp. 219-223.