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  5. Some aspects of management flexibility of enterprise

Some aspects of management flexibility of enterprise

N.M. Shmatko
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This article discusses some aspects of the management flexibility of industrial enterprises, established the modern approach to the problem of management flexibility for enterprises that need to use the system and situational approaches, as well as the tools of change management in the enterprise: management development, restructuring, reengineering and improving business processes, outsourcing, etc. Also in the article giving sufficient attention to classification features of flexibility, and proposed new classification attribute of flexibility - form of expression, for which it singled out two types: effectiveness and the potential (capacity flexibility);reviewed and selected factors that determine the level of flexibility the enterprise, and therefore, formulate the potential flexibility on the basis of analysis of the linkages between the factors of production flexibility and the key indicators of production; established four basic indicator of the level of production flexibility. Proposed expansion of the existing classification of the flexibility of enterprise at the expense of a new kind of flexibility – operational – which would take into account short-term aspects of the flexibility of enterprises that do not need to conduct fundamental changes. A brief conclusion about the relationship control problems with the terms of the flexibility of enterprise transformation economy.
Keywords: flexible enterprise transformation economy, the flexibility of production system, external factors, changes in the environment, the procession approach
Shmatko, N.M. (2010), "Deiaki aspekty upravlinnia hnuchkistiu pidpryiemstva" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(86), pp. 230-235.