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  5. Specialist competence reserve evaluation method

Specialist competence reserve evaluation method

I.V. Shostak, O.A. Strelchuk, M.A. Tsheblykina
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The article is devoted to creation of method of competence reserve evaluation in IT companies. The method of weight factors is proposed to be used in order to evaluatecompetence reserve and form a project developers team.
Keywords: IT company, competence reserve, weight factor method
Shostak, Y.V., Strelchuk, E.A. and Shcheblыkyna, M.A. (2010), "Metod otsenky kompetentnostnoho rezerva razrabotchykov prohrammnoho obespechenyia YT kompanyy" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(86), pp. 236-238.