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  4. 6(87)'2010
  5. Objects classification using artificial immune systems

Objects classification using artificial immune systems

N.M. Korablev, A.A. Fomichov
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The given work is devoted to the designing of the objects classification algorithm based on artificial immune system approach. To solve the problem of classification it proposed to use priority sequential cloning with competitive targeting cloning selection and some selection and the method of additional scatter in the limited areas in the recovery of the classes. In the case of partial classification of objects is the formation of additional classes.
Keywords: affinity, selection criterion, priority sequential cloning, competitive targeting cloning selection, additional dispersion in the limited areas
Korablёv, N.M. and Fomychёv, A.A. (2010), "Klassyfykatsyia obъektov na osnove yskusstvennыkh ymmunnыkh system" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(87), pp. 13-17.