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  4. 6(87)'2010
  5. Choice of diagnostic parameters chemical sources of current

Choice of diagnostic parameters chemical sources of current

S.V. Ol’khovikov
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Description: It is shown in the article, that accident-free work of airborne equipment of aircrafts depends on trouble-free work of the system of power supply, determined by the state of sources of current. It is set that in the process of exploitation the capacity of chemical sources of current diminishes from destruction of electrodes of storage batteries. The mathematical model of chemical source of current is offered, allowing to choose diagnostic parameters for determination of remaining capacity of sources of current in arbitrary moment of time of their exploitation.

Keywords: chemically source of current, mathematical model, diagnostic parameters

 Olkhovykov, S.V. (2010), “Vыbor dyahnostycheskykh parametrov khymycheskykh ystochnykov toka”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(87), pp. 143-145.